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8.High efficiency, ultra-low roll-offs in orange phosphorescent organic light-emitting devices using a novel exciplex system,Organic Electronics,2022,106,106536
Keming Chen, Fujun Zhang, Asu Li, Ru Zhang, Ren Sheng, Yu Duan, Yi Zhao, Ping Chen

7.Novel optical and electrical combined calcium corrosion test: An industrial application of the barrier permeability of spotless water vapor,Measurement,2022,196,111264
Ze Li, Zhenyu Wang, Ziqiang Chen, Jing Feng, Lianchao Shangguan, Jintao Wang, Hongbo Sun, Yu Duan

6.Highly efficient orange and white OLEDs based on ultrathin phosphorescent emitters with double reverse intersystem crossing system,Journal of Luminescence,2022,246,118852
Ren Sheng, Liping Yang, Asu Li, Keming Chen, Fujun Zhang, Yu Duan, Yi Zhao, Ping Chen

5.Stable and highly efficient perovskite solar cells: Doping hydrophobic fluoride into hole transport material PTAA,Nano Research,2022,15,5,4431-4438
Chao Yu, Buyue Zhang, Chen Chen, Jintao Wang, Jian Zhang, Ping Chen, Chuannan Li, Yu Duan

4.Highly efficient blue and white phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes with low-efficiency roll-off utilizing thermally activated delayed fluorescent-based co-host architecture,Journal of Luminescence,2022,244,118686
Asu Li, Ren Sheng, Keming Chen, Mingyang Sun, Chen Yang, Yu Duan, Yi Zhao, Ping Chen, Tianyu Zhang

3.ALD-Assisted Graphene Functionalization for Advanced Applications,Journal of Electronic Materials,2022,1-20
Yibin Zhou, Jintao Wang, Ping He, Shuming Chen, Zheng Chen, Yingqi Zang, Ye Li, Yu Duan

2.Complete stress release in monolayer ALD-Al2O3 film based on mechanical equilibrium homeostasis to realize a bending radius of 1mm,Soft Matter,2022,Royal Society of Chemistry
Ze Li, Zhenyu Wang, Ziqiang Chen, Jing Feng, Jintao Wang, Siyu Fan, Hong-Bo Sun, Yu Duan

1.Engineering of interface exciplex system for highly efficient white organic light-emitting diodes based on single-emission-layer architecture,Organic Electronics,2022,100,106382
Ren Sheng, Erdong Zhang, Wencheng Zhao, Cong Chen, Wenjie Ma, Jianhua Shao, Yu Duan, Yi Zhao, Ping Chen